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Veggie Heaven in the Sky(train)

I rode the Skytrain again today. I even took a video of my ride. It was like going on a slow rollercoaster, way up in the sky, high above bridges and above water crossings. I love it. but then, I am someone who is totally amazed by the Docklands Light Railway too. But still, it … Continue reading

A Day at the Beach

Vancouver University, the most unlikeliest of tourist spots. Highly recommended for its natural museum and extensive grounds, I thought I’d include it in my itinery for today. I also wanted to check out the courses and costs of studying there. The scenic bus journey through suburbia was so lovely; very Desperate Housewives and such a contrast from … Continue reading

Autism, Cowboys and Me!

Wow! Today was the most random day ever! If I had said that I would go out, meet someone and spend the afternoon searching for a real-life cowboy supply store, I would’ve been carted off to have my head checked over! However, that is exactly what I did. After yesterday’s day off, I decided to get back … Continue reading

Lazy in Vancouver

Wednesday was the laziest day ever. I woke up, looked at the weather, remembered how cold I was the day before and promptly went back to bed for the rest of the day! Then, I calculated just how much I had spent getting here and how much each day was costing me, so I decided … Continue reading

North Vancouver Island

Wow, today was busy! Most notable was my trip by Seabus to north Vancouver. The trip was by catamaran, 15 minutes across the water just to see what was there. It was amazingly easy to navigate the transport system, thanks again to the fabulous $9 day pass. I figured out how to get to Waterfront, … Continue reading

First Day Explorations

After the excitement and exhaustion of yesterday and, having experienced my first ‘brain freeze’ in years from a huge Slurpee, I set out today, determined to fit as much as possible into one day. Food was on my mind, I’m self-catering, vegetarian and on a limited budget. Eating out each day was not an option. … Continue reading

Time to Fly!

The day finally arrived. Everything went smoothly; travel to the airport -problem free, parking at the airport – a breeze, checking in – done in an instant. So, what could probably go wrong? Well, firstly, my inability to pack effectively was rewarded with a baggage a few kilos heavy than the maximum allowance and a stern … Continue reading

The Canadian countdown

With just two more days to the beginning of The Canadian Affair stage in my life and here I am, not a packed suitcase in sight. I can only sigh and accept the inevitable, lastminute.com approach that I have adopted in all aspects of my personal and professional life these days. Give me a three-week … Continue reading

iPhone Anxiety

I love my iPhone. I think it’s best to just get out there right from the start. Only another Mac person truly ‘gets it’. My iPhone is called Stevie. It’s not gender specific as Stevie could be an affectionate nod towards Steve Jobs (RIP), or it could simply be that I see this object of … Continue reading

The Art of Ageing Disgracefully – Act 1

Not for mere mortals or the faint-hearted. In order to become a fully-fledged Disgraceful Ager, you have to be totally committed. Throwing caution to the wind is the new safety blanket. Caring less about what other people think; the alternative to giving a damn. And, finally (and arguably most importantly,) casting a fleeting glance at … Continue reading