The Canadian countdown

With just two more days to the beginning of The Canadian Affair stage in my life and here I am, not a packed suitcase in sight.

I can only sigh and accept the inevitable, approach that I have adopted in all aspects of my personal and professional life these days. Give me a three-week deadline and I’ll guarantee to start work three hours before the due time. It is frustrating and something that I definitely need to work on. But, for now, I rest assured knowing that I am most definitely not the only person afflicted by this particularly annoying personality defect!

Why would I pack way in advance at a leisurely pace when I could do this at the very last-minute and throw myself into a frenzied scramble to finish just moments before it is time to leave for the airport?

This is an established routine in my approach to holidays. I normally have months in advance to plan and prepare and yet I seldom use this time effectively.

The actual art of packing is yet another skill on my ‘to learn’ list. I’ve watched my good friend Andre pack his cases for a three-day trip. He’s a flight attendant, with many years of service under his belt. I watched in awe as he carefully packed with minimal effort and maximum effectiveness. Not a single item more than was needed was packed. Socks carefully counted, Apple chargers and spare currency remained permanently in his suitcase to avoid a last-minute scramble before leaving. As much as I enjoy Andre’s company, watching him pack with ruthless efficiency often became the highlight of my visit!

I start packing with the best of intentions. I carefully think about the number of outfits I will need and whether there’s a washing machine in the apartment I’ve booked. However, good intentions are readily forgotten when I suddenly remember the list of things that I can’t possibly live without. Slippers, head wraps (it’s a black woman thing, I’ll explain another time!), change of shoes, scarves, jewellery, more books than I can read. And so on and so on. Before I know it, the entrust case is full to the brim and ready to flirt with the airlines weight restrictions.

Still, I guess it’s all part of the holiday ‘experiences’ and the relaxation once on holiday more than makes up for it!


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