Veggie Heaven in the Sky(train)

I rode the Skytrain again today. I even took a video of my ride. It was like going on a slow rollercoaster, way up in the sky, high above bridges and above water crossings. I love it. but then, I am someone who is totally amazed by the Docklands Light Railway too. But still, it was pretty spectacular. I wanted to visit a well-known and popular vegetarian restaurant that I had read about and passed by earlier in the week.

As usual, I ended up lost. However, equipped with my Day Pass and no particular timetable, I wasn’t at all worried. I just jumped onto another bus, this one just skirting the oh-so undesirable downtown eastside. Some smelly homeless individuals got on. Sorry, but yes, they were incredibly smelly. Being ‘pc’ about it does not make them smell fragrantly. The bus drivers let them on for free. This can be viewed as a good and bad thing, depending on whose viewpoint you take.

I went through a different part of suburban Vancouver. I cannot remember the name but it was lovely. It seems that once you cross bridges here, you enter entirely different residential neighborhoods. My only plan today was to get to a well-known and highly regarded vegetarian restaurant called Naam. This was in Kitsilano, alongside lots of other vegetarian-friendly health food stores.

Plenty of wrong turns later and after walking miles, I found it. Though I can find my way back to my apartment by public transport, I cannot safely say that I understand it. After one week, I am just starting to figure out which way to look when crossing roads. I daren’t cross anywhere other than pedestrian crossings as it is not instinctive to look the ‘wrong’ way. My only navigation is the mountains. It is simple really, I know that they should be in the north in relation to my location. As long as I can see them, I know which direction I am heading in! I also look out for a few famous landmarks, including a building that looks like a smaller version of own very own Millennium Dome and I know I’m heading homewards. Understanding the very simple grid system is beyond me, that will take far longer than one week.

I have also found myself embarrassingly fascinated by the electrically powered tram buses. They are attached to electrical rails suspended above the roads. My question is, how do they reattach if they come off the rails and how much power do they have stored up before they have to reattach? Nobody but me is interested in the answer. Perhaps I’ll google it!

The Naam restaurant did not disappoint, but it was what I would describe as ‘hardcore vegetarian’. A few too many sprouts, seeds and mushrooms for my liking, all of which were totally  banned from my food! The waiter had probably not experienced serving a vegetarian who is not particularly keen on vegetables. It is open 24/7 and there are regular queues outside to get in. It is clearly a very popular place to dine.

Sufficiently satiated, I began another lengthy walk back to a bus route that I hoped would take me back downtown. A few buses later and lots and lots more walking, I got back to my apartment, feet aching and very tired. I settled down to watch Bruce Willis in a Die Hard marathon. Saw an ad for the Kindle Fire. A new colour Kindle with friendlier web-browsing capabilities. I guess that’s next in the UK. I’m still smarting that the new Kindle came out only 7 months after I bought the original one!

Time to pack, time to leave and reflect on a wonderful week in Vancouver. Next stop, Toronto, then home.




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