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A Vegetarian Abroad

I’ve been vegetarian more years than I have not been, if that makes sense. From an early age, I was reluctant to eat meat. I kept asking what the stringy bits on the chicken were (veins), I refused pork sausages on the grounds,it made me feel unwell. I remember dreading mealtimes and carefully eating around … Continue reading

Avoiding the Touts & Hoovering the Dam

A trip to ‘Vegas-Baby-Vegas’ can hardly be considered complete without a trip to the nearby Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Note my use of the word ‘nearby’ as this will feature later. Vegas is all about money. Everyone who is not a tourist seems to live with the totally driven and focused purpose of … Continue reading

Vegas Baby, Vegas!

Having hit my Fabulous Forties with a renewed sense of vigour and life, I decided that the best way to deal with this new decade would be to age as disgracefully as possible. Parenting triplets from my early twenties added impetus to have another stab at my 20s and 30s, but this time in my … Continue reading