The Route to Miami

The deed is done and I’m all packed and ready to start a new life in Florida.

Teach for America (TFA) is an organization that aims to address educational inequality, which is a painful reality and a barrier to successful future social and employment outcomes for many people of color who in poverty in America.

Through my own personal experiences, I became interested in working with people who experience disadvantage through autism, disability, socio-economical or other factors. So, TFA seemed a natural fit.

Their selection process is described as the 7th most difficult in America. And I can see why. Nevertheless, I’ll also admit to thoroughly enjoying the experience. Writing a compelling application statement to get my foot in the door was the first of many steps to become one of 5000 selected from an applicant pool of 60000. Phone interview, online essays and tests, plus an all day interview in Philadelphia, followed by countless web-based meetings and I was accepted as a 2013 corp members.

My route to Miami included brief possibilities of placements New York, and Connecticut.  I was delighted to finally settle on Florida as being my new home for the next two years.

Whilst I won’t get rich through living in Florida, teaching in Miami’s poorest neighborhoods and working as an elementary school teach; I know that I am going to become rich beyond my wildest dreams in absorbing a new culture, in a new country and starting this new chapter in my life.


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