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Losing My Teacher-ness

Wednesday 7th August 2013 – Miramar, FL   Today I received a beautiful gift from my beautiful niece back home in Old Smokey. Along with the gift came some lovely, heartfelt words about why she sent me the gift and the role that I have played in her life that inspired her to do this. … Continue reading

The Healing Power of Whiskey Sours

Today, I found myself ever so slightly sloshed with some people young enough to be my children and others old enough to be my aunties!  22 June 2013, Tulsa, OK Whiskey Sours; my new best friend, plus many other ‘Thank F**k it’s Friday’ little friends. Is the pressure of being at Teach for America’s summer … Continue reading

My Fair Lady

Teaching American students to speak ‘English’ is great fun. They love it!  26 June 2013 During lunch time – and only if they are being very very good and showing excellent table manners – we practice our English. By English, I mean our language, as it was meant to be spoken. Apparently, American people haven’t … Continue reading

Introducing….. Mrs Grumpy Knickers

I’m Mrs Grumpy Knickers today. I’m owning it. I’m stressed and generally not very pleasant to be around. So, tonight’s posting is yesterday’s instead – from when I used to be a nice person. Apple Inc, you stole my posting yesterday, but not my memories… Monday 29 July 2013. Went to study with a lovely … Continue reading

How TripletsMum Got Her Groove On!

1st August 2013, Pembroke Pines, FL Well, it had to happen eventually…. I am in love. It’s official! This blog is now called How TripletsMum Got Her Groove On. The object of my desire is a shop. Not just a mere shop though. It is a huge wholefood and organic shop. Really, I’m not fussed … Continue reading

Arise, Mrs Boring!

Saturday 3rd August 2013 I’M TURNING INTO MRS BORING AND I AM NOT LIKING IT ONE BIT. Staying at home and living on a non-budget limits my options and reduces me to potato-couch status. We spent want seemed like half the day in the car touring universities for Triplet1. The first one, Florida International University was beautiful. … Continue reading

Going Solo & Being Bored

5th August 2013 – Day 1 of being in my flat without Triplets1&2 I am bored and I’m not so sure that I like living alone. As far as I can surmise, the only benefit is that I get to walk around naked without worrying about frightening the horses. I’m developing a cleaning fetish. Everything … Continue reading