Going Solo & Being Bored

5th August 2013 – Day 1 of being in my flat without Triplets1&2

I am bored and I’m not so sure that I like living alone. As far as I can surmise, the only benefit is that I get to walk around naked without worrying about frightening the horses.

I’m developing a cleaning fetish. Everything gets drenched in disinfectant. There were two flying insects in my home yesterday. One didnt make it, the other is cowering in fear of my hoover. When I find it, things will get nasty.

My cupboards are a testimony to OCD in action. Yes, I admit there’s a slight germ phobia thing going on. To that end, I have everything edible stored in sealed plastic containers. There will be no insects in my cereal boxes. In fact, there’ll be no cereal boxes, full stop. I’ve heard too many cockroach infestation stories and I’m preparing for all out war. Being a neat freak is a new experience for me, but maybe just a natural extension for a germaphobe. I wonder where it’ll end. Perhaps visitors may have to don white forensic suits and masks on entry. Actually, come to think of it…..


Ending on today’s Mood Check:

  • Life completeness: irreparable triplet-sized hole.
  • Americanisation of Rosie: I mistakenly said elevator instead of lift and sidewaaark instead of pavement. I was livid once I realised. However, I refuse the American ‘r’. NumbA MembA. Cul-chA. RemindA. I’m owning my refusal to acclimatise pronounce ‘er’ sounds as short ‘A’s and using ‘s’ instead of zed. And yes, I said ‘zed, not ‘zee’.
  • Spirituality: awakening. I’m rediscovering my faith and am looking for a church that’s a good balance between dropping to the floor whilst speaking in tongues and a regular more staid (aka boring) church. God has had my back for so long, it’s time to acknowledge Him.
  • Kizumba: time to find some frikkin’ classes! I’ve wanted to do that for ages!
  • Volunteering: going to start looking for a worthy cause, something to do with mentoring young black girls.

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