How TripletsMum Got Her Groove On!

Veggie heaven

1st August 2013, Pembroke Pines, FL

Well, it had to happen eventually….

I am in love. It’s official! This blog is now called How TripletsMum Got Her Groove On.

The object of my desire is a shop. Not just a mere shop though. It is a huge wholefood and organic shop. Really, I’m not fussed about organics but, what goes hand in hand with organics and healthy living….? Vegetarian food! In abundance!

I chanced upon it whilst trying to navigate the US postal service, which is complicated. Unnecessarily so, in my humble opinion. I had to drive to a post office and queue, with lots of people. For a long time. Germs were no doubt exchanged in the queue. Silent, sneaky, person-to-person hidden germs.

When I entered, it was like paradise. I was surrounded by meat-replacement everything. I settled on vegetarian shrimps, tofu and italian ‘sausage’. My own south Floridian version of Trader Joes. Bliss. I was very anxious about being vegetarian in Florida but my fears have been allayed.

Mrs Grumpy Knickers? Well, madam was last seen running down the road chasing my car tail-lights. I managed to sneak out this morning whilst she was still dozing. Left her behind. Time to reclaim my mojo and problem-solve, instead of pity-partying.
My good buddies James* and Adam* came by for my math lesson. Adam is just brilliant. He has me understanding math in a way that I simply cannot believe. He is extremely talented. We are going to the beach tomorrow, with Triplets1&2 and a group of other similarly outstanding individuals.
I have my beach kit good to go. It comprises:
1 x fold up beach chair which has a carry handle
1 x massive beach towel
3 x frisbies
The absence of swimming costume (why am I certain that if I say ‘swimming costume’ in front of Americans they will roll over laughing…?) is deliberate. Dipping my toes is as far as it goes for me , for now.
I’m sure Triplets1&2 are wondering why mum has friends who are in their twenties. I can’t answer that, other than to say ‘it is what it is’. The majority of TFA recruits are in their 20s and majority of the people that I have met are pretty decent people and I like people who are decent. Simple. Or, I could say “well, I was too busy having you guys when I was 24 to have fun, so I’m having it now, 20 years later!” Though somehow, I don’t think that they will appreciate that response.
However, it’s good that I can hand them over to a group of decent people to hang with, knowing that they will be looked after. One person has offered to help Triplet1 navigate the job market; another, the educational route.I have a wireless smart-tv. It is my new BFF. I now watch Eastenders and all my English soaps and programs on Youtube on a big screen. I’m not mad keen on anything that my basic cable package has to offer. Too many ad breaks, too much reality TV, too much Kardashian nonsense and everyone seems to talk in a really fast, animated and excited tone. Too much for me.
Ending with a Mood Check, as is now customary.

  • Suntan: getting to ridiculous levels now, how much can one person actually tan?
  • Sun-loving status: I am so blessed to live somewhere that I know is going to be hot every single day. It is mind-blowing!
  • Great advice award goes to: Ms who suggested printing a ‘Reasong to Be Cheerful’ sign inside my front door, to remind myself why I should be happy to be where I am.
  • Messages of support from fam and friends on my private Facebook account:  really helping me. Writer comments keep coming and are appreciated, but this is just for fun, nothing career-worthy here other than my musings on my life-change.
  • Missing my boys status: already am, knowing that they’ll be flying back home on Saturday night
  • Helpful sister award: goes to my sis, Dr J* straight up, for being my rock since I got here and the voice of calm when I am panicking.
  • Anime: having been force-fed this for three weeks by Triplet2, I am starting to get a teeny-weeny bit hooked. It is annoying.
  • Weight-loss: isn’t it great when clothes start being too big? It’s okay, I can answer that one myself. Yes indeed it is!

*obvious, but worth mentioning that names have been changed!


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