Introducing….. Mrs Grumpy Knickers

I’m Mrs Grumpy Knickers today.

I’m owning it.

I’m stressed and generally not very pleasant to be around. So, tonight’s posting is yesterday’s instead – from when I used to be a nice person. Apple Inc, you stole my posting yesterday, but not my memories…

Monday 29 July 2013.

Went to study with a lovely young man called Adam*. He is roommates with my equally lovely friend James*.  James* is adorable; an all round ‘diamond geezer’, tolerant, patient and genuine, mature well beyond his 24yrs on this planet and we spent most of our working time together during institute. Adam*, well he has the purest soul and comes at everything from a point of goodwill. Adam* helped me to master four math concepts in just three hours. For that alone, he deserves a special commendation.

Me being me, I had to find out a bit more about Adam*. I wanted to know how a 22 year old man can be so self-assured, humble and just downright nice and what brought him to Teach for America. I discovered that his faith is his backbone. It is inextricably linked to his thoughts and actions. He has come through adversity as a better person, believing that faith helped him to survive.

Driving home from downtown Miami was the usual nightmare. Driving here is just so scary and dangerous. At home in the UK, most of these people probably wouldn’t even pass our driving test. And there’s a reason for that; they just can’t drive. It’s a fact. I’m always pleased to leave the motorway and arrive back home in the suburbs. It is a totally different vibe; much more pleasant, more open spaces, cleaner and just, well, nicer. Sterile, even. Which is good, for me anyway.

I’ve decided that I will have a ‘beach kit’ in the trunk of my car (boot… boot… I mean boot) so that I am ready whenever my spirit takes me to the beach. The kit will comprise of 1 patio recliner, insect repellent, disinfecting wipes (of course), sunnies, flip-flops, sarong and a change of clothes that will get me from beach to home. I love that I can do that.And so back to today. Ms Grumpy Knickers snuck into my life mid-morning and has taken residence. She’s worried about the level of uncertainty in my life at the moment and the distinct lack of a confirmed teaching placement. She’s also missing the familiarity of home (but not home itself, as she knows we don’t have a home to go back too!)
I  need to kick her to the kerb as she has turned me into a version of me that I thought I’d kissed goodbye at Heathrow airport in May!As for tomorrow, Hollywood Beach is beckoning. Far, far away from the hustle of Miami beach, I hope to restore peace, calm and balance to my life. The sound of the sea and the feeling of the waves lapping at my feet is my current most favorite thing in the world. That is, until I start thinking about tsunamis, creepy seaweed wrapping itself around me feet and jellyfish. Seriously, jellyfish?!
Back to now and three distinct books/films spring to mind;
  1. Shirley Valentine
  2. How Stella Got Her Groove On
  3. Eat Pray Love

Make of that what you will, but right now I can only describe what I am going through as a journey of self-discovery that I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to embark upon. Life has dealt a few curveballs my way. I’ve taken more than a few on the chin and ducked the rest, coming out winded, but in one piece. Time to ‘do me’, methinks

Mood check: 
Grumpy, sulky and moody, with a heightened level of pissedoffedness.
*names changed, again.

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