My Fair Lady


Teaching American students to speak ‘English’ is great fun. They love it! 

26 June 2013

During lunch time – and only if they are being very very good and showing excellent table manners – we practice our English. By English, I mean our language, as it was meant to be spoken. Apparently, American people haven’t spoken English for many years.

My students as say ‘rubbish’ instead of trash and ‘bin’ instead of can.
They pronounce ‘class’ as it should be said.
They say rubber, instead of eraser.

Very ‘My Fair Lady’.

The parents that speak to me on the phone or at the beginning of the day report how excited their children are to have a real English teacher, from England.

The excitement on their faces really inspires me. Many of these children have never had the opportunity to travel outside of their communities and have never been on an plane, so England is a very far away land for them.

I’m wondering if I should tell them that we have purple people and that the grass is blue…..


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