The Healing Power of Whiskey Sours

Today, I found myself ever so slightly sloshed with some people young enough to be my children and others old enough to be my aunties! 

22 June 2013, Tulsa, OK

Whiskey Sours; my new best friend, plus many other ‘Thank F**k it’s Friday’ little friends.

Is the pressure of being at Teach for America’s summer institute in Tulsa, turning me to drink? Well, let’s just think this over for a minute. Considering that I don’t drink spirits, haven’t touched whiskey since I got drunk on it on Christmas day when I was just 16 years old and absolutely cannot stand the taste of the stuff, I’d hazard a guess that, yes, my time as a corps member at institute is directly affecting my alcohol consumption.crunk junk

It is amazing how the absence of familiar points of anchorage can change one’s personality and outlook. I miss my children, friends, family and Milo-boo (my gorgeous little Yorkshire terrier), so I’m feeling slightly adrift. Lack of sleep and pressure of work just adds to a feeling of loss of self. Ten minute lunch breaks during 16hr work days can really mess with your psyche.

However, I make no apologies; this chapter of my life was aptly called ‘Ageing Disgracefully’ for a reason. Reliving my 20s in my 40s is par for the course!

Rest assured, there will be no naked streaking; tempted though I am by the large expanse of space around me on campus, the oppressive heat and the ingestion of copius amounts of alcohol!

I will sleep well tonight that is for sure, without the pressure of waking up at 4:35am and dragging myself around in a zombie-like trance for the rest of the day.


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