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Arise, Mrs Boring!

Saturday 3rd August 2013 I’M TURNING INTO MRS BORING AND I AM NOT LIKING IT ONE BIT.┬áStaying at home and living on a non-budget limits my options and reduces me to┬ápotato-couch status. We spent want seemed like half the day in the car touring universities for Triplet1. The first one, Florida International University was beautiful. … Continue reading

Going Solo & Being Bored

5th August 2013 – Day 1 of being in my flat without Triplets1&2 I am bored and I’m not so sure that I like living alone. As far as I can surmise, the only benefit is that I get to walk around naked without worrying about frightening the horses. I’m developing a cleaning fetish. Everything … Continue reading

Avoiding the Touts & Hoovering the Dam

A trip to ‘Vegas-Baby-Vegas’ can hardly be considered complete without a trip to the nearby Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Note my use of the word ‘nearby’ as this will feature later. Vegas is all about money. Everyone who is not a tourist seems to live with the totally driven and focused purpose of … Continue reading

iPhone Anxiety

I love my iPhone. I think it’s best to just get out there right from the start. Only another Mac person truly ‘gets it’. My iPhone is called Stevie. It’s not gender specific as Stevie could be an affectionate nod towards Steve Jobs (RIP), or it could simply be that I see this object of … Continue reading