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Leaving Florida?

Sitting here in my favourite coffee shop, Costa Coffee, in my old neighbourhood in a north London suburb, reflecting. Comparing and contrasting old life with new. Owning a coffee shop is definitely part of my future. I feel that my Miami Affair lifestage is gliding to a graceful and natural end. This is due, in part, … Continue reading

My Fair Lady

Teaching American students to speak ‘English’ is great fun. They love it!  26 June 2013 During lunch time – and only if they are being very very good and showing excellent table manners – we practice our English. By English, I mean our language, as it was meant to be spoken. Apparently, American people haven’t … Continue reading

How TripletsMum Got Her Groove On!

1st August 2013, Pembroke Pines, FL Well, it had to happen eventually…. I am in love. It’s official! This blog is now called How TripletsMum Got Her Groove On. The object of my desire is a shop. Not just a mere shop though. It is a huge wholefood and organic shop. Really, I’m not fussed … Continue reading

Arise, Mrs Boring!

Saturday 3rd August 2013 I’M TURNING INTO MRS BORING AND I AM NOT LIKING IT ONE BIT. Staying at home and living on a non-budget limits my options and reduces me to potato-couch status. We spent want seemed like half the day in the car touring universities for Triplet1. The first one, Florida International University was beautiful. … Continue reading

The Route to Miami

The deed is done and I’m all packed and ready to start a new life in Florida. Teach for America (TFA) is an organization that aims to address educational inequality, which is a painful reality and a barrier to successful future social and employment outcomes for many people of color who in poverty in America. … Continue reading